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Indoor Winter Swimming in Southwest Michigan

Getting into our pool in the middle of winter transports you to another place far away from Southwest Michigan. When the winter sun shines into the hoophouse, our pool enclosure can get close to 90 degrees, transporting you to a tropical oasis even if it is 20 degrees with snow on the ground outside. As the pool cover glides open with just the flip of a switch, a wave of steam is released that eventually fills the whole enclosure. Through the foggy mist you can hear the rain start to trickle off the ceiling as each drop collides with the surface of the water. The humidity and condensation creates a unique oasis protected from the brutal cold. Dip your first toe in and then sink slowly into the comfortable 86 degree water.

Up for a nighttime swim? As dusk sets in, the sun fades, and the colors of sunset fill the hoophouse like a watercolor painting, faded and blurred at the edges of each color transition. As the sun continues to drop closer to the horizon, each fleeting glimmer of light slowly reveals the twinkle lights above. They make themselves known through the fog and the pool lights up like a turquoise spa. Everything falls quiet except for the soft swoosh of the water as you move through it and the sound of an owl somewhere outside. Maybe even the giggle of an infant (We were lucky enough to get to see Julie and Eric’s new nephew Shea take his first swim).  Not a swimmer? Grab a local Michigan brew or bottle of wine and settle into our hot tub. Comfortably kept at a toasty 104 degrees. Jets are ready to sooth all your troubles away while you sip sip sip.

As the pool gets closed and the fog begins to dissipate, wrap up in one of our comfy robes and pull your snow boots back on. The first crunch of the snow under your boot, as you exit the barn, retrieves the memory that it is in fact still winter in Union Pier, Michigan. The glow from the windows of the Inn beckons you back inside where warm coffee and tea always wait. Fill your mug and venture back to the interior of your luxury suite where both a jacuzzi tub and fireplace wait. A perfect atmosphere to enjoy your coffee, tea, or even a local glass of wine.

The praise we have received already this season over our heated pool and hot tub has been so encouraging to hear. This winter more and more cottages book with notes about “how excited they are to use the pool and hot tub”. The amount of guests using the pool this off-season is definitely more than it was last year! Connected to our Modern Farmhouse Barn, guests have access to pool towels, the heated pool, bathrooms, shower, pool table, and a vintage arcade game! And we have a ping pong table in the works.

The enclosure for the pool is home to our winter garden as well. Hints of green in every corner of the hoophouse, where they are safe from the winter temperatures. We grow herbs, succulents, lettuces, broccolis and giant palm trees Eric’s brother keeps dropping off to save at the end of the season. With something fresh always growing at Goldberry Woods, we can continue to serve as fresh veggies to our guests all year long!

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