Goldberry Woods

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Overhead view of a large farm and greenhouse with an outdoor pool at one end


The Farm

Where Imagination Thrives

The extensive grounds at our Michigan farm stay accommodation contain shared spaces for relaxation, adventure and learning. Conceived as a regenerative and demonstrative farm, our 30 acres are full of activity zones where nature and people come together. Our hoophouse extends our growing season, veggies and small fruit grow in the main fields, and fresh fruit grows ripe in the Orchard. The Farm is a study in light and harmony, where life and living merge sustainably. While we do sell some of our extra produce in the Market Stand, we use the majority of our harvest for breakfasts at our country inn. Therefore, we have not officially sought out organic certification.  Why spend the time on paperwork when you can devote yourselves to exceeding organic standards and moving towards holistic gardening, fully focusing on soil improvement using compost and cover crops, beneficial insects, and pollinators? New signage allows guests to self-tour through the farm, but we always seek transparency in our methods and encourage questions.

A woman kneeling in her outdoor garden planting flowers

The Fields

The beauty of micro-farming is the ever-changing abundance of annual and perennial vegetables, small fruit and flowers. No season is the same, but each delights with new additions and old favorites. In our thoughtfully curated fields, you’ll find asparagus, figs, peppers, heirloom tomatoes, beans, peas, lettuces and brassicas, blueberry u-pick, and as many different berries as you can imagine. Each year, we even choose oddball veggies such as cucamelons, ground cherries, and winged beans to adorn our breakfast plates to encourage our guests to step out of their comfort zone and try new things.

A large greenhouse full of lush green plants

The Hoophouse

Our large hoophouse allows us to extend the growing season by several months. As young plants grow, this provides shelter from the elements and a controlled environment to support maturation, from seed to sprout. Here, guests ask questions and learn the craft and science behind the Goldberry Woods philosophy.

The hoophouse supplies a continuous supply of winter greens, root vegetables, and brassicas (that’s farmer-speak for broccoli!). Late winter begins the process of seed starting both for the fields and the hoophouse. Our seedlings start in the basement of the Innkeeper’s House, move to the heated pool hoophouse, out to the farm hoophouse, and then into the fields.

A woman holding two bouquets of flowers outside a white camper being used as a market

Market Stand

Shop our adorable Goldberry Market, set inside a vintage camper! We feature Goldberry merchandise, resort necessities, our own organically grown produce and flowers along with local art, and cool vintage stuff. Open to guests and the public 10 AM-5 PM.

  • Sunscreen, Beach Towels and Blankets
  • S’mores Kits, Pancake/Waffle Mix, Drinks
  • Tomato, Pepper, Herb, and Flower Seedlings
  • Vintage Succulent Planters
  • Cut-flower Bouquets and Vases
  • Annual Vegetables including heirloom tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and herbs
  • U-Pick Berries in season
  • Orchard Fruit including cherries, apples, and pears

Our staff is usually available assist with your purchases, but there is also a self-serve honor box and Venmo at the stand.

A large beautiful pink and yellow Dahlia flower

Gardens & Critters

At Goldberry Woods, we have worked diligently to cultivate an environment that welcomes all creatures, great and small. Our lush organic gardens and 25+ acres of untouched woods feature different species of flowers to provide blooms Spring through Fall for our many pollinators. Come take a stroll and you may be lucky enough to spot turtles, toads and frogs, red fox, white-tailed deer, wild turkeys, and muskrats.

Two ladies in the woods holding a bucket as they forage for mushrooms

Food Forest

Our collection of forest-fresh ingredients grows by the season. Guests can explore nut harvesting, maple syrup production, foraging for fiddlehead ferns, mushrooms and more. These outings teach and delight our guests with delicious food and one-of-a-kind experiences.

Want to learn even more about food forests? Our neighborhood mushroom and foraging expert offers private and group foraging walks specifically tailored to your interests any time of year. Contact the office in advance to schedule your tour.

Branch of an apple tree loaded with fresh ripe red apples

The Orchard

Through seasons of planting and nurturing, we’ve revived a decades-old orchard. What began as a neglected group of apple, pear and chestnut trees now includes young Asian pears, peaches, quince, plums, cherries and apricots. On warm days, stone fruit straight from the tree makes the perfect refreshment. We feature our fruit in our true farm-to-table breakfasts!

A woman in a white bee suit holding a rack full of bees

The Apiary

Something’s abuzz at Goldberry Woods—it’s our apiary, where our bees produce honey and help pollinate the diverse array of plants onsite. These friendly insects play a key role in the Farm’s rich biodiversity. We typically serve our honey at the inn.

A woman sitting in a wooden pen full of chickens

Farm Fresh Eggs

At Goldberry Woods Farm, we’re committed to preserving our natural ecosystem, limiting waste and promoting sustainability.

We have several varieties of sweet hens including Buff Orpingtons, Cuckoo Marans, Americaunas, and Dark Brahmas. The ladies provide us with a dazzling array of colored eggs and endless entertainment! They gobble up any leftovers from breakfast at the inn! What better way to reduce food waste?  We also feature ducks and quail too, to cover all egg sizes for creative breakfasts.  Interested guests are welcome to head out to the Aviary after breakfast to help us feed the flock.

Five white breakfast plates each with a an egg sandwich, freshly baked muffin and fruit

Farm to the Breakfast Table

Rise and shine: Each morning, we prepare a delicious breakfast with ingredients sourced from the Farm. Gathering around community spaces and sharing a meal is the perfect way to start your day. Savor delicious creations from our kitchen. Our scratch breakfast is included with your room at the inn, and cottage and camper guests may join in if they make an advanced reservation.

Quail Release Program

Since 2019, we have been hatching and releasing Northern Bobwhite Quail. They are a native ground bird that has been almost completely wiped out in SW Michigan. They are incredible bug eaters, especially ticks.

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