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Vintage Glampers in the White Pine Vortex of Harbor Country

Tales from a Previous Owner

This past year one of Goldberry’s previous owners, Gretchen, stopped by to visit. We love learning about the history of our property, so we listened intently as she told us how she had converted an old cottage into a Bed and Breakfast from 1993 to 2003.

During her stay, the first thing Gretchen asked about was the condition of the vortex, to which we gave her a confused look. Turns out she was referring to the ring of sturdy, magnificent white pines that had become almost completely encased by weedy trees and vines. Gretchen’s inquiry served as the catalyst for taking action, as Julie has always been captivated by the beauty of the pines.

A family friend enjoying the view from the bough of a pine tree in the vortex

Forest Management

In the following months we worked hard to uncover the pines. Forest management of this sort is important for the health of the woods, plus it has the added bonus of making our property even more beautiful.

Over time we thinned out the trees so that those that remained could receive more sunlight. We also burned all of the dry, dead branches we removed from the pines and the forest floor to reduce the risk of wildfires. We even put up deer netting around the orchard to perturb and discourage the increasing deer population. They are rather fond of snacking on all of our beloved plants as if it were an all you can eat buffet. Don’t worry, we have left them with 25 acres to roam.

Additionally, we have been focusing on reclaiming lost acreage around the orchard. Though we regularly mow, weedy trees have slowly crept forward to the point that one of our ancient apple trees was engulfed into the woods. So far we have managed to gain back ten feet between a trusty pair of pruners and the bucket of the tractor!

Making a home for our Vintage Glampers

The back of the property has drastically changed, and the people who benefit most from this new view are those that stay in our newly renovated avion campers. They sit under the branches of the pines, snuggled up in the middle of the vortex. They get a prime view of the native prairie and orchard, which backs up to twenty-five acres of woods.

The trees seem to protect these visitors, providing a more intimate experience; at once giving them the feeling that they insignificantly small in comparison to the grandeur of the Vortex and yet more in tune with the heartbeat of the natural world. It’s almost as if they were camping in a fairy garden from the ethereal feel that the area exudes, particularly in the twilight hours when strands of light softly illuminate the fronts of the campers.

In their first season the campers brought a lot of joy to the property: friends from opposite sides of the state catching up on a weekend getaway, people roasting marshmallows under the pine branches, a woman nursing a baby bird back to health, and a couple on their wedding night. They garner a lot of conversations with those involved in the vintage camper market and their coziness continues to pleasantly surprise people.

Gazing upon the campers, Julie and Eric (pictured below) feel a sense of accomplishment for restoring a previous owner’s favorite natural feature. They feel that it is their our honor to care for this property and continue to build off of the foundation bestowed by all those that came before them. 

A man and woman standing outdoors in front of a vintage airstream camper

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