Goldberry Woods is always in motion from growing gardens to bees to baby chicks and ducks to the active intention to settle in and relax in our luxurious rooms and  cottages.  It is crazy to think that I have been working here for almost 8 years as Goldberry hits its 10th growing season. Looking back, so much has changed on the property. We gained a Barn and a Pool. The fields have never looked better. We grew a ton of peaches, but the raccoons ate them!  Our rooms and cottages have seen guest after guest, furniture changes, countless additions and upgrades, and a pandemic. Even I and the rest of our staff have changed and evolved. Finishing up Women’s Appreciation Month, we want to take a moment to applaud our wonderful staff of women who help keep our crazy adventure running.

Goldberry Woods has helped all of us come into ourselves. Day after day we continue to support each other, lift each other up, and accept each other for the diverse group of women we are. We all come from different places and have our different histories, but we can all agree that Goldberry Woods has had a huge impact on our lives.

Eric and Brooks are surrounded by women getting stuff done.  Danielle currently heads up Housekeeping with Jaime and Taylor (who has her hands in EVERYTHING, even the chicken coops), and many other talented women have preceeded them. We are not just housekeepers and cooks.  We also do the maintenance that keeps our spaces in tip-top shape.  We wield power tools, paint brushes, plungers, shovels, pruners, beekeeping suits and even chainsaws.  Our Hospitality Interns, Emily, Carly (that’s how I got started!!!), and Rachel helped us through the start up years, establishing routines and protocols and helping Julie get our soil from sandy to exceptional!

Year after year, we have hit the jackpot with our Agricultural Interns.  Haley, Kirstin, Sidney, and Charlotte have given us their hard work, sweat, creativity, knowledge of plants, and long lists of lessons learned.  We look back over the years with gratitude–was that the year of Haley?  Or was that Sid????  And then the two years where Julie’s mom, Eileen, hand-picked thousands of Japanese Beetles off the grape vines, saving them from certain demise.

We carry ourselves professionally and gracefully.  Our communication skills and teamwork make up for any lack in muscles (and don’t be fooled, we’re all pretty tough chicks!), and there is rarely a job we’d need a man to do for us.  I’ve been declared the tractor specialist, and we’ve moved many impossibly-heavy objects (railroad ties, bricks, tree trunks) by using our brains, leverage, and the equipment we have at hand.

We have all gained skills and learned lessons that we will carry with us the rest of our lives all thanks to the Goddess Goldberry and the friends and ladies that became our family here.
~ Carly Kveton